Experience Design informed by experiences

I and my teams have tackled one new challenge after another — from chatbots and AI to SaaS, DevOps, and automation — leading to some fun projects with more than a few lessons learned.


About Me

Over my career as a designer, I’ve lead and managed small innovation teams and large portfolio teams, “learning on the job” all the while. My greatest takeaway is that design isn’t a process, but a conversation. Not just between dev, product, and design, but to balance team processes, build principles, respond to new insights, and make sure your team is growing.

The design principles I stand on

User Research

Interviews, Survey Design, User Testing, Prototyping, Recruiting, Analytics, Data Informed Design  — there are a number of ways to gain an understanding of your users, their behavior, and what they need depending on the situation. However, the goal has to be defining true problems. If the product isn’t built around real user needs, then it will sit on the shelf collecting dust. I’ve lived through that fact.

Lean UX

With a problem definition in hand, my team develops a solution hypothesis and conceptual vision with the goal of building only what we need to test our hypothesis and releasing it quickly to validate and learn from. From there we iterate towards the vision while making updates to that vision as new insights are gathered from testing the releases.

Agile, Scrum, & Continuous Delivery

The way to iteration is through a collective team understanding of the problems being solved and the vision being worked towards. Collaboration then needs the focus, communication, and measurement of progress that comes with Agile and Scrum. It’s about having the discipline to continually build, test, and iterate towards a common but ever evolving vision.

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